Don’t Expect More than a Grunt from a Pig

I had a conversation with a friend recently. She was openly frustrated about a situation which she had been battling for many years; one which seemingly got worse and worse. Based on what she shared, there really was going to be no change, as someone else was involved. That person was the source of her… Continue reading Don’t Expect More than a Grunt from a Pig


Your Personal Genie

Put your hand up if you’ve ever prayed constantly about something, without getting an answer. When you think about it, is it that God didn’t answer, or is it that His answer was ‘wait’ or ‘no’? I once heard someone make a request of her co-worker. When the co-worker’s response to the request wasn’t forthcoming,… Continue reading Your Personal Genie

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How I Knew My Husband Was My ‘It’

I always read articles about being able to identify the man of your dreams when he came along – how there would be that white puff of magical smoke, a choir of a thousand angels would begin singing, and a neon sign which said ‘The One’ would appear above his head. Okay, clearly I’m kidding,… Continue reading How I Knew My Husband Was My ‘It’