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Stephen Colbert, Burning Plastic & Unexpected Death

Our 40-inch smart TV died last night. There I was on the couch, browsing a shopping website while the TV played quietly in the background, when the smell of burning plastic wafted it’s way to my nose. Initially, I wasn’t very perturbed. You see, I am learning tolerance by living next door to someone who is pretty much insane. Like literally. So on becoming aware of the smell, I thought he was making dinner and no, I am not at all trying to be funny.

I continued browsing, looking up intermittently at the Stephen Colbert Show. When the odour got even stronger, I yelled to my husband, asking if he smelled anything. He didn’t. When still it persisted, I looked up at the screen and noted that it was now almost completely black. Sure, that was Colbert’s face in the shadows, but I could barely make out much else. He was talking about Trump, as always, so I figured he had had them kill the lights in the studio and gave it no further thought just then. Still, the smell was getting stronger.

I made my way to our home office to see whether my husband was using any of his video lights. In the past, they had given off a similar smell. He checked the light which was on (not one of the burn-smell ones), checked the outlet and assured me all was well. He then walked back into the living room, where the smell was almost rancid. Quickly realising something was wrong, we began checking outlets for signs of anything. He went out to the breaker box and noted there was no smell so it couldn’t be from there. I then pointed out the blackened TV screen. Within seconds, the source of the smell was confirmed – it was coming from the top right section of the back of the TV. It was so intense that we had to clear out of the living room – after unplugging everything of course.

Do I miss the TV? You betcha! I’m not looking forward to returning home from Bible class and not being able to rewind it to catch the beginning of Chicago Wednesday.

Here’s the thing though. My first day without my electronic bff has been one of my most productive in quite some time. This post can even be considered evidence of that. I did several things I may not have done otherwise. The end of the day found me feeling very fulfilled and accomplished.

So as I move forward with no plans of repairing or replacing the telly anytime soon, I look ahead with great expectation to days spent more productively. I really didn’t realise until now just how much time Criminal Minds reruns and live sports had been taking away from me…rather how much time I had willingly given. With my newfound freedom, perhaps earned in a way I wouldn’t have chosen, the possibilities are not just endless, they’re now real.

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