Bye, Bye Broccoli, Helloooo Pork Chop!

I can’t remember the last time I was healthy. Where others are perhaps fortunate enough to be able to list the few times they have been ill, maybe with the flu or a cold, I am flooded with memories of being in and out of hospital, making multiple trips to the doctor, having what seemed like healing only to revert to my former state of bad health. It’s been a range of things that I’ve been plagued with, and since childhood. Naturally, I spent a lot of my adult life being proper cranky, and you’d probably be too if you knew something was wrong, rather many things were wrong, and your tests were normal, the doctors continued guessing, while you struggled to live a normal life, without being labelled as ‘sick’. I’ve missed school, important events, lost work contracts, and have had relationships end as a result.

Now I’m not talking about a bad bout of flu here. What I’m referring to is the big stuff; the things that make you think, or at least wonder, if you’re about to kick the bucket. Here’s a quick rundown.

1.       Seizures: your regular hyperventilating, heart palpitating, convulsing, then passing out or worse, being conscious but unresponsive, while people you considered friends said bad things about you. Yes, you read that right.

2.       Anxiety attacks: I described these in another post, and if nothing else, this really made me think that the bucket was nigh, and my foot was about to come in contact with it.

3.       Hypoglycemic attacks

4.       Endometriosis: did surgery, doctors had a major ‘whoopsie!’ moment, resulting in another (unrelated) surgery two weeks later

5.       Eczema: to the point where I was unable to walk.

6.       Paranoia: (of the extreme kind, just minus the crazy eyes)

7.       Brain fog: Worst of this was being asked by my supervisor at work about a meeting I had allegedly attended and some things I had allegedly said, none of which was even vaguely familiar. None of it. I maintain it didn’t happen. Plus, she turned out not to be very trustworthy anyway. So I can’t really be faulted for having a trust issue here.

Seven is a good number, so let’s leave it there for the moment. Naturally, I focused on the big ticket items, firstly the seizures, which led me to transitioning to veganism. The seizures stopped maybe a year or so later. As life would have it, new things began to be manifested. And veganism wasn’t helping – neither the illness nor the hunger and food boredom.

Fast forward to round about June 2018. I came across a video on YouTube, which focused on adrenal fatigue, something completely unfamiliar to me, though way more common than I knew. What was familiar though, were the symptoms mentioned. Why? Because I had every single one. Literally. I did a whole lot of additional research, and suddenly it all made sense. Nothing had before. No explanation that had been guessed, no suggestion from a medical journal, no indicator from a lab test. A naturopathic doctor confirmed what I suspected, claiming to be surprised I didn’t have an autoimmune disease based on how run down my system was. He was more than willing to help me get better – in exchange for all my earthly possessions. After one round of treatment, with me continuing in prayer and research, I decided to self-heal.

I am no longer a depressed vegan. Eating this way may work for some, but it was doing me more harm than good it turns out. It’s early days yet, but I am optimistic. Stress has such a devastating impact in our lives, with most of us not even realizing what it’s doing to us. When I reflected on the times the symptoms were most prevalent, it was during high stress periods. Go figure. And my life seems to have always been stressful, from as far back as I can remember.

My new journey consists of sole water, an adrenal support supplement called restorIT, meditation, minimizing stress (which is pretty much the root cause of everything), yoga when I can manage it, and paying attention to my self-talk, especially during challenging situations. I also avoid the things, people, places and jobs that interfere with my life’s balance in any way at all. I’ll be sure to share updates on my progress in the future.

As for what’s on my plate, I’m all about giving my body what it needs. These days it’s probably a juicy pork chop. Hold the broccoli please.

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