Opening New Doors of Possibility

Today marks the anniversary of the move to my current home. Time doesn’t just fly, that sneaky bugger, because there’s no way it’s been so long already! This was a move I didn’t want to happen. I felt totally unprepared, mainly because I had other plans. You see, I was totally in love with my previous address. I lived on the same property as the owners, who I got along extremely well with, at least for a bit. They had the main house, while the apartment I occupied sat on the back of the land. I was the envy of every single one of my friends who came over. They couldn’t believe the rent I was paying, not just for that location, but for so much space. Although it was a one-bedroom, downstairs was so huge one could easily have converted it into two. The kitchen was massive. Honestly, I’ve seen apartments that were the size of that kitchen. In addition, where we lived was central enough, being within 15 minutes or so of important locations. I was so happy that I fervently prayed and asked God to allow me to remain there until I moved into my very own home. But God had other plans.

You see, what I believed to be so perfect had multiple cracks in it; flaws I chose to overlook or accept because I thought what I had was such an awesome deal! I mean, everybody said so! Except…there were things that became so unbearable, it was only the thought that God would answer my move-into-my-own-home-when-I-leave-here prayer that kept my mind off moving. Close friends encouraged me to when they heard some of the things I went through, but still I held out. My privacy was limited because the houses were so close together. Once someone came to visit me, they all knew about it. I would open my front door every morning to be greeted by dog mess, but I’d close my eyes, step over it and stay put. When I bought a car and always ended up with less than favourable parking spaces, including having to park outside, I held on. When mangoes suspiciously broke my covered windshield on two separate occasions, I lamented my troubles, but didn’t start looking for a new address. When the storm came, flooded the place, damaged some of my stuff in the process, and the landlord refused to fix the roof, I still refused to move. Not until they asked me to. I was half expecting to be issued the Notice to quit the property based on the discussions re the fixing of the roof. But they wanted me gone – and fast! I was semi-shocked. I had been the perfect tenant, not just by my thoughts, but they had said so themselves. I got along with them. Heck, the little boy from there spent tons of time with me. It just didn’t add up. None of it did. But again, I was putting a limit on God, not trusting that He was doing what was in my best interest.

I reluctantly began the search, fervently praying that God would provide the right place for me. And did He ever! We (my husband moved in after we got married) now have an entire house, with a flat to sublet in what is safely the nicest house on the street. Our location is far more central than the previous and the cost is well within budget. Truth be told, with the flat rented, our total monthly rent is less than what it was previously! Plus there are more amenities than we could possibly have imagined. Our landlord is pretty great and has even been a client of our production company. God certainly is awesome!

Friends, how often do we grasp what we currently have, no matter how flawed it is or how unhappy it makes us? When we do this, our hands are closed as we hold on tightly to the toxic relationship, the toxic job, the toxic apartment, leaving room for nothing else to come into our lives. Fear and doubt can cripple our thinking and ultimately our actions, causing us to remain stagnant, never dreaming of change, never daring to move. Each time I have chosen to let go of something, it has been replaced with something far better. However, the first action has to be mine – I must let go. It is up to me to make room for newness in order for it to come into my life. It is up to me to open myself up to possibilities.

How about you? Is there something which no longer serves you that you need to release? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  


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