Bird on a Ledge

I believe I can fly
But can I really
Through Time
Through Space
Through Air?
Has me grounded
By the flight-plan
That’s right
Worried about
Being obscured
I’m chicken
Still sticking
To the safety of this ledge
Isn’t this still living on the edge?
Just a little?
One jot,
One tittle
I whistle
Like a robin
Am I robbing myself
Of seeing the world
From a bird’s eye view
Am I too chicken,
Too much of a fowl
Running afoul
Of the freedom
Of having the air sing
Beneath my winds?
I look around
I’m surrounded
By other birds
A congested world
Above me clouds
Below no place to land
Should I just cancel my flight and bury my head in the sand?
Don’t understand
Which path to choose
Yet, I shake my wings loose
Steady my feet
And get ready to meet
What lies beneath
Or what soars above
I’m ready to shove off
To leave the safety
Of the nest
I rest assured
The time has come
To leave the womb
For my birth
To ascend above the earth
I believe
I believe
I believe I can fly.


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