My True Colour

I’m a writer. It’s something that comes seamlessly for me; it’s my thing, my talent, my gift from God. It’s also the thing I struggle with. Let me explain. I’ve written multiple poems, started working on several books, completed scripts for wonderful plays and so on. Yet, the world doesn’t get to see any of my work, as it’s safely tucked away in desk drawers, or sitting idly on my computer, waiting for ransom ware to remove it from my possession. Yet again. In my mind, I’m a great underachiever in this regard. Shame on you, Kiffra!

So the other day, I found out that someone I know had written a book. Now as far as I’m aware, this someone isn’t ‘special’ and isn’t necessarily known for their writing skills. And so the comparison began. Much to my chagrin, I started to measure myself, using the newly published author’s yardstick. I also began to wonder why it is that I’m not published, when I’m so awesome and I have the best ideas ever.

As children of God, we are called upon to use our talents, and to multiply them. While I’m confident that I have been using my talents, I was annoyed with myself that I so easily began to envy someone else for their achievement. How often do we look on at those who may not be as smart, or who may not be living honestly and wonder why the same things aren’t happening for us as Christians? Envy is a slippery slope, and we can become so consumed by what’s going on in the lives of others, that we start down this slope and are unable to turn back.

Proverbs 23:17
Do not let your heart envy sinners, but live in the fear of the LORD always.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had something which belongs to someone else? How do you address this envy so it doesn’t overcome you?

3 thoughts on “My True Colour”

  1. Hi Kiffra! I discovered your blog through the Reader, and I’m so glad. Your name is lovely, as are you, and I was very impressed with your About page–which is the first thing I read when I’m “blog hunting”. I definitely encourage you to hold onto that dream of being a published writer, and to step out in BOLD faith however the Lord leads you to pursue that–don’t let any doubts (or envy) stand in your way. What God has seeded in our hearts, He is delighted and most willing to bring to fruition–as we partner with Him and “make a move” toward realizing our dreams. You are surely not lacking in gift or ability, so–shall I pray that God will put the right people in your path who have influential connections? I’d be happy to do that for you!

    On topic: Envy. I’m blessed, but not boasting, to say that I’ve rarely had to deal with envy–I can only think of a few occasions, and the feeling passed fairly quickly. I think that if/when envy strikes, we can use it in a positive way, to motivate us toward our goal. I recently posted about a great book I found that will surely bless and encourage you: I DECLARE, by Joel Osteen. May God bless you abundantly today! JL


    1. Thank you so much Jael-Leslie! I appreciate you taking the time to reply and especially for the kindness expressed. Grinning my head off right now!
      I definitely agree re positively channeling feelings of envy, turning them into motivation. Thankfully, my mindset is so different these days; I am focused on my goals, and am taking steps to achieve them. Excited to share with everyone when that unfolds!


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