Where’s the Meat?

I’d been a struggling vegan since 2014. In the name of health, I switched to a (mostly) raw vegan lifestyle. It was a bold move in the eyes of some, something they didn’t think they would have the capacity to do in a similar situation. For others, I was being ridiculous. Why else would I decide to stop eating meat and so many other yummy things, the week before Christmas? Giving up succulent, juicy ham, spicy curried goat and decadent Christmas cake just didn’t make sense. Why not wait until the season had passed? Surely another couple of weeks wouldn’t cause any further harm, would it? And why this option? Why not choose the other route and pop some pills? That would most definitely be easier.
You see, for those looking on, all they focused on was the mammoth sacrifice I was making. I was giving up so much, choosing the more difficult of two paths! It was a completely different scenario which was playing out for me. After two major surgeries in 2011, I started having seizures. They were mostly unpredictable, on occasion gave me an aura, but always brought me to the ground with convulsions, uncontrollable tears, heart palpitations and difficulty breathing. It’s a very hard thing to live out in public, when you are as private as I am. Everyone has an explanation, ridiculous questions come (like being asked what I had for breakfast, or how I’m feeling after I just finished flopping on the ground) and I was just not getting any answers from traditional medicine. Veganism was a lifeline for me. Where others saw only sacrifice, I saw wellness. What they considered a blight on my ‘normal’ life, I saw as a glorious opportunity to walk a new path and to walk it in health and newness. And it’s been worth it – I’ve been seizure-free since 2016!
How similar is this to the Christian life! For those of us who glory in Christ, our focus is not on all that we are giving up, but what we stand to gain – eternal life in Christ Jesus. Truly the blessings which lie ahead are worth every temporary thing we must turn our backs on.

Romans 8:18
‘I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.’

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